Oriflame love nature lip balm,strawberry|Review|

I have mentioned in my previous post that I was a very much lip balm person earlier and preferably baby lips. In my high school I have tried many lip glosses but I have found them to be sticky and ended up not liking them and then maybelline came in rescue 

Now when I have converted to a matte lipstick lover,sometimes my lips need that little hydration,for which I completely rely on the good old boroline at night and baby lips at day time.

Few months before on such a day when I needed a lip balm to use and (unfortunately) couldn’t find any in my bag,my would be mother in law handed me this little pot (She’s a senior manager in Oriflame and my source of all the oriflame products :D)

It is a small transparent pot with white lid where the name and flavor of the balm is mentioned and on the back side another sticker was there which mentions some code and the expiry date of the product and no information of the ingredients was present

The price of the product is also not present. The price is Rs. 329 but you can get it in discount from the oriflame consultant almost every time. This lip balm comes in 3 flavours- Raspberry,cherry and strawberry and I have the strawberry flavor one.

Personally I am not a big fan of lip balm in a pot and prefer the stick form as those are more convenient to use,keep in your purse and hygienic too

But still I thought to give it a try

The color of the lip balm is dark pink and it’s not sticky

First impression-

As I have already told that I used it because I had no other lipbalm to use on that moment. But the first impression of this product was quite good. It was not sticky,it didn’t feel very heavy on my lips(like many lip glosses) yet moisturizes it nicely.

By seeing the packaging you might think that it is very much pigmented(just as I thought) but it’s not as pigmented as it is showing in the pot,though it creates a nice pinkish sheen in my lips(my lips are not that pigmented),but for pigmented lips the color may not be noticeable

The balm is good for daily use,when you are just going for grocery shopping or just going to hit the gym and want to look good but not OTT
The staying power of this not great just as any other lip balm. It stays in my lips for 2-2.5 hrs probably. But it leaves thebe lips moisturized so much so that even if sometime I run out of boroline at night I use this one and find my lips soft and supple in the morning. 



Tinted,which creates a nice sheen

Not sticky

Doesn’t feel heavy on lips


Costly than the other lip balm options available in the market

Doesn’t stay much longer(but hey no lip balm does that)

Final verdict-

I liked the product though it’s a bit pricey because we can get 2 baby lips in this amount but yeah you can always get it in discount.

Thank you so much for reading.

Will be posting another blog soon. Till then take care šŸ™‚

Much love ā¤ Xoxo :*

Be beYOUtiful ā¤


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