My routine cleaning of Makeup brushes and Sponges

Makeup brushes and tools- One of the inseparable things of makeup enthusiasts like us. This is one of those product without which we can’t even think to create a great look in spite of having many expensive and international makeup products. Taking care of these babies are very much important. So my today’s post is about how I(and how we should) clean our makeup brushes and tools

These are one of those products which can make us look beautiful and can even make our skin worst too as these are prone to be full of harmful microorganisms and debris due to regular usage of different beauty products and not cleaning them. So it is very much important to clean the makeup tools once a week(if makeup is used on a regular basis) or at least once/twice a month for people who does makeup occasionally .”Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month, all others can be washed once a month.”- as quoted by the famous Bobbi Brown. So on an average I would suggest everyone to clean the brushes in an interval of 7-10 days

Today was my day to clean these,so I just thought to post it(in case anyone wants to know πŸ˜› )

Okay so what I did was I made my own makeup brush cleaner


It was made with a glue gun in a white plastic tray. It was not as perfect as it is shown in the video :p but will try to make another one soon πŸ˜€

  • I used Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser in lukewarm and then swirl the brush in this tray under a running water tap to clean it.
  • I repeated the process twice to make sure that all the brushes are completely clean
  • For the makeup sponges first I Squeezed few drops of cleanser onto the sponge and gently rubbed it all over it.
  • Then I dipped the sponge into the lukewarm water containing the cleanser and squeezed the water.
  • I have repeated the above step 2-4 times to make sure that the sponge is clean inside out
  • Then I hold the sponge into running tap water just like we do to dampen the sponge before makeup and squeezed out the water.
  • I have repeated the above step until I could see clear water coming out of the sponge
  • Then I placed it in a cleaned hand towel for drying


So this is the process I follow to clean the makeup brushes and sponges.

I have very few brushes and a super sensitive skin so I want to take special care for both the things πŸ˜› hehe.. But on a serious note- it’s very important to follow a strict regime for things as important as this in beauty and skin care.

Thank you so much for reading

Will be posting another blog soon.. Till then take care πŸ™‚

Much love ❀

Xoxo :*


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  1. mmtshali says:

    Hey I really enjoyed reading your blog post I just given your blog a follow ….can’t wait to read more from you


    1. charmingsohini says:

      Thank you so much dear
      This inspires me to write more posts πŸ™‚


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