Review of Cetaphil Facewash

Hello ladies

So today’s post is going to be a long one as today I want to share some experience before going to the review.

During my teenage years,while growing up I have seen some of my school friends having skin problems like most of the teenagers do. Some were struggling with pimples,some with uneven skin tone,some with scars of pimple. But I didn’t have any such problems back then

I still remember one of our teacher telling that I am having such a good even toned skin with no problems and that I am blessed for that. I felt so happy that time. But as soon as I went to college I had some serious health issues and right after that I started having skin problems. My normal even toned skin became combination,sensitive and acne prone 😦 😦 😦

I went to doctors and told them about this but they were more concerned about my inner health than these superficial things(according to them) as these were one of the symptoms of the problem I had,so eventually it will be alright. And to be honest my skin was not as bad as I was reacting πŸ˜› (Common teenager problem) but still as I wasn’t used to of having these problems,I was feeling very depressed

Then I had tried many things on my own(advantages of being a pharmacist :p ). Few things worked and few didn’t 😦

Then last year I moved to Mumbai from Kolkata and this was when my love for makeup grew ❀ but I saw that it wouldn’t look much great on me as I had few zits and spots here and there.

So again I contacted my family doctor while visiting my home last December and told him to do something for my skin as it’s not completely curing

Then he prescribed me 3 things to use- 2 ointments(which I will review later) and one face wash,i.e the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser

So you might understand by now that in which situation I got my hands on this product.Now let’s see what does this product claim and what it actually does

This is how it looks like. The packaging is nothing fancy. Its a very simple translucent plastic packaging with a flip flop lid And it is manufactured by Galderma(one of the leading pharmaceutical company in dermatology section)

Now let’s see the composition and product claim

Yes the composition is disappointing 😦 as it contains SLS and paraben and now we all are into products without these ingredients. But I think this comes in many variants. First when my doctor prescribed this I got another variant (which I don’t remember now 😦 ) and that one was the best. When third/fourth time I went to buy,I was handed this. That time I couldn’t see the difference as the packaging and labeling is same. I noticed the composition after a long time of using it and that too very suddenly. Then I googled,searched many retail stores,supermarkets,medicine store but everywhere I could find only this. I think they stopped manufacturing that one which was free of paraben and was probably specially designed for sensitive skin(still waiting for that one). But this one also is not at all bad

The pricing and direction of use is already given in the above picture

Now let me share my experience with this product. I have already told you guys that in which state I got this product. That time I was desperate to try anything which would make my skin better and this one didn’t disappoint me. In spite of having harmful paraben and SLS,this skin cleanser really DOESN’T DISAPPOINT ME and I really don’t know why.I have read many bloggers claiming that this face wash does no good to the skkn because of paraben and SLS but I really didn’t experienced anything like that and this was the reason I explained my skin condition at the beginning so that you all can understand that it has proved to be effective ( atleast for me)

This is the consistency of the product-translucent,not too thick not to watery. I use it twice-thrice a day,once in the morning and then again when I came back home from work with face full of oil and dirt(thanks to the pollution in Mumbai/Kolkata) and sometimes one extra time when needed. But if you are wearing heavy makeup(specially eye makeup) then this may not be that much effective. What I generally do is removing my eye makeup with Oriflame eye makeup remover and then take this,gently message it onto my skin and use a cotton to wipe it off and then use water to clean it thoroughly.

Pros of the product-

  • Leave skin smooth
  • Mild and gentle
  • Inexpensive

Cons of the product

  • Contains Paraben and SLS
  • Doesn’t help much in removing makeup( specially eye makeup).
  • Requires more quantity

So this was what I felt for this face cleanser

I really hope Galderma listens and launch the other variant without the unwanted substances present

That’s all for today

Thank you for reading

Will be coming with a new post soon

Till then take care

Much love ❀

Xoxo :*


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