My first attempt to create Ombre lips

Hello sweeties,
Lip art is the new talk of the town and in lip art ombre lips are in craze,as it is much more easier to create that in comparison to other lip arts. Many brands are launching various lip products which can help us creating a ombre lip which is also known as lip gradation in general. But I have read few articles of some fellow bloggers that how those products have disappointed them by not giving the desired result. So I thought let me give it a try without using any special product. So my today’s post is about creating a ombre lip with only simple lipstick

The products I used are Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro lipstick in the shade “We were lovers” having shade code FOD01 and Colorbar velvet matte lipstick in the shade “Obsessed Orange” having shade code 60

The makeup revolution iconic pro lipstick is a new one and I used it for the first time,will write a separate review for that later and the colorbar lipstick is very old(This is one of the first few lipsticks I bought and I didn’t start blogging back then :p and is one of the most used lipstick in my collection)

As you can see in the lipstick bullets that the colors are a dark pink and an orange. I have chosen these two shades because these shades are safer than using any other shade(if I go wrong in creating the effect). Atleast I can mix the two my pressing the lips together if somehow my efforts went wrong(which probably didn’t πŸ˜› )

I choose dark pink one(makeup revolution) in the outer corners of the lip and the orange one(colorbar) on 13th centre and smudged it with only a lip brush to give the ombre effect

I think it went quite decent(as a first timer ofcourse πŸ˜€ )

The detailing could have been better but I am satisfied by what I did for the first time and without any other tool/product without lipstick and lip brush. Please share your opinion about this,that will help me to improve and will definitely try this with other lipsticks too

And this is the final result of what I have tried

I completed my look with blue eye pencil on both lash line and water line and mascara(both by Oriflame)

MUR and Oriflame products were bought fromΒ This instagram storeΒ (All things adorable)

I hope you will like this effort. Will be back with newa post soon. Till then take care πŸ™‚

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @charmingsohini

Much love ❀

Xoxo :*


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