Draping a saree in different style

Hi lovelies

My today’s post is neither about any nail art,not about anythe product review. Today’s post will be something different it will be about one of my different look which defines #mystylemantra 

I hope you all like this post,because it is the first blog I am writing about any look.

Okay this is certainly not one of my best pictures but this picture definitely shows my style mantra-fashionable yet comfortable(well I am neither copying the draping style nor the phrase πŸ˜› )

There is a story associated with the draping form

I love wearing saree,and it is certainly one of the best Indian attire,so when I had to be the host for some of my father’s friends who are foreigners at my place,I decided wearing a saree only

At first I wore it in a normal draping style but as I had to help my mother in kitchen,the pallu of the saree was disturbing me a lot

That time casually I just took the pallu and wrap it around the neck like a dupatta style which was easier to manage

After finishing the works at kitchen,when i saw that it’s not looking bad and it can actually look great if I replace the traditional blouse with a crop top,I did that and here is the result

Sorry for the poor image quality though πŸ˜›

I hope you all will like the look 

Will update some more different looks soon

Till then

Take care πŸ™‚

Love you ❀

XoXo :*


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