Review and Swatches of I heart Makeup Theme eye shadow palette “Fast Love”

Hi ladies,

I have mentioned in one of my earlier post that I made a makeup haul from and bought some products from Makeup Revolution,Freedom Makeup and I heart makeup. Recently I am in love with this brand.I am loving each and everything I have bought from them. I have reviewed I heart Makeup Super Wow Stick- Sunday girl earlier and will write about all the products one by one. For today the product I have chosen is another product from I heart Makeup,its a theme based eye shadow palette-  “Fast Love”IMG20170602224935.jpg

The packaging is very nice. The outer box has a big pink heart drawn over it which resembles a disco ball 😀 and is slightly embossed. The name of the theme is written just below it which is also embossed.

The back side of the outer box gives you information about the ingredients,manufacturing details,the detail of the eye shadows in the palette with a reference picture of the shadesIMG20170607005947.jpg

The palette is made up of hard plastic of black color where the brand name along with the name of the theme is printed. The packaging is sturdy,sleek and compact. It closes with a click sound which ensures safety of the product.IMG20170602224916.jpg

Now when you open the palette you can see a big mirror on the palette which is an absolute win win and 32 eye shadows which are a mixture of 10 matte and 22 beautiful shimmer shades. It has two small both end applicators,which generally people never use to blend the shadow 😛 . I still use it sometimes when I am in no mood for blending and all and just pick some shadow with wet applicator and use it as colored eye liner 😀

Now let me share my first impression when I opened it for the first time. I was like Oh my God,I am in love with this. Though I started exploring makeup and writing blogs very recently,but this is one of the best eye shadow I have been because it has a mixture of all kinds of shades needed for a beginner in makeup like me- from matter to shimmers,from nudes to brights… just has EVERYTHING


Now let me show you the shades and swatches

Full photo.jpg

Aren’t they pretty?? Yes they are ❤ ❤

But one of the negative point was that it does not have any shade name. In fact the space between each shadow is very less,so there might be some chances of mixing of colors while picking up the shadow with the brush/applicator in hurry. So be careful about that.

I just mentioned row wise so that it will be easier for you to understand the swatches

Row 1 final.jpg Swatches of Row 1

The first row has the lightest shades in the palette which is not much pigmented. The blending ability is good but the shade does not show up even after layering it with more than two times. the dark shades are still okay but the light shades are bit dissapointing. I didn’t like the first row much. If ever I can create some good eye makeup with this row,then I will definitely update this post

The first shade is a light beige

Second shade is a grayish brown

Third one is a kind of off white

Fourth shade is a deeper version of the first shade,but still not much pigmented

Fifth one is a deeper version of the second shade

Row 2 final.jpg

Row 2 is much better than the first one. The pigmentation is way better than the first row. Blending ability is also good

The first shade is a darker version of the last shade of Row 1

The second one is a grayish mauve

The third shade is a teal

Well I am not able to explain the fourth shade. It’s a kind of grey with slight pink undertone.

And the last one is slight more pigmented version of shade 3 of Row 1

Row 3 final.jpg

Now comes the shimmer ones. They looks gorgeous

Shade 1- Brownish black with very good pigmentation and shimmer. Texture is buttery

Shade 2- True black with chunks of glitter. Pigmentation is lesser than the first one,but not bad though and a bit hard to touch, I mean its not as buttery as the previous one.Blending power is okay but not the best.

Shade 3- Silver,which is extremely pigmented. This is one of the most pigmented silver eye shadow I have seen. texture is also good but it does not blend that well.

Shade 4- Shimmery pink. Texture and blending ability is as good as Shade 1

Shade 5- This one is not actually a shimmer eye shadow. It has a satin finish. It is also a pink color with decent pigmentation. Texture is good but upon blending,the color tends to transform into a frosty whitish color with some pink undertone in it which is beautiful. One of my favourite shade to use in daily day makeup

Shade 6- It is basically a dark teal kind of color. It is a deeper and shimmery version of shade 3 of row 2. Particularly the swatch with flash of this shade  is not really justifying the true color.

Shade 7- Its a blue color,kind of ocean blue with a bit rough texture and a bit less blending ability.

Shade 8- True golden color. Buttery and very good pigmentation but the blending ability could have been better. Upon blending it looks a bit dull and not as beautiful as the swatch. But that can be corrected by layering it up for one more time. Layering it doesn’t make it cakey, so that’s a good thing

Shade 9-Beautiful shimmery moss green with good texture,pigmentation and blending ability. Another favorite.

Shade 10- This is another color which is a deeper version of shade 6 of this row. A very dark teal kind of color which sometimes seems to be grayish too.  Shade 6 has more of blue in it and it has more of metallic grey.  The texture,pigmentation and blending ability is good

Shade 11- The last one of this row. It is a mixture of brown and gold with good pigmentation,texture and blending ability

My favorites from this row- Shade 1,Shade 5,Shade 9 and Shade 11

Now let me show you the swatches of the last row of this palette

Row 4 final.jpg

This row

Shade 1- This is a green color. Again the swatch for this color is not proper. I will try to click pictures of the swatches which are not clear in these pics and will update the post. But trust me this is a beautiful dark green color which has a very soft texture,good pigmentation and blending ability. One of my favorite

Shade 2- A purple. The pigmentation is good.But texture is a bit rough and blending ability is not very good but okay.

Shade 3- Its a blue color. This color along with shade 2 can be used to create a beautiful mermaid eye make up. The texture,pigmentation and blending ability is same as shade 2.Shade wise this is another favorite

Shade 4- A mixture of brown with a bit of gold. Good texture,pigmentation and blending ability

Shade 5- Another satin finish shadow. Champagne colored. Texture,pigmentation and blending is same as shade 5 of row 3. Yet another favorite

Shade 6- A dark rose gold color with good texture,pigmentation and blending ability. It has to be a favorite. I mean who does not like rose gold???!!!! ❤

Shade 7- It is also a beautiful color which is hard for me to explain. A brownish golden color with a pink undertone. The texture,pigmentation and blending ability is same as the last shade. This is also a favorite

Shade 8- This is probably the worst textured shadow of this palette. Till now I have mainly seen three types of texture- Some are very buttery and good like the ones where I mentioned it,some are satin finish and some are a bit rough. But this one is different from the lot. You touch it and you will get lots of shadow in your finger tip,you try to blend it,you can’t. You will see chunks. The silver one(shade 3 of first row) is much better than this. I didn’t like this shade at all.

Shade 9- I was very disappointed after swatching the last shade. But this shade again brought smile in my face. It is beautiful. A mixture of champagne and rose gold wuth the same good texture,pigmentation and blending ability. Favorite ofcourse

Shade 10- Another satin finish shade. Brown with grey undertone with good texture,pigmentation and blending ability.

Shade 11- Chocolaty brown with red glitters. The texture,pigmentation and blending ability is same as shade 2 of Row 3

My favorites from this row- Shade 1,Shade 3, Shade 5,Shade 6,Shade 7,Shade 9 and Shade 10. Woah…!!!! A lot of favorite from this row 😀

Well overall I am satisfied with the palette. I have bought it from Tambeauty website for Rs.498. But I had to pay custom duty too,so approximate price for this will be Rs.1000

You can get it from Instagram page of Beauty Trunk who sells original products of International Brand at a reasonable price.

I hope you all like my review and the effort of swatching all the 32 shades.

See you soon with another post

Till then

Take care 🙂

Love you all ❤

Xoxo..!!! :*


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