DIY Nail Art with nail art strips

Hello ladies,

How are you all doing?

So what I want to share is that on last month I visited aliexpress and was amazed by the price of most of the products and was also a bit confused that should I order or not. So after lot of speculation I order few things which didn’t cost me much(as I wasn’t sure if the products will arrive or not šŸ˜› )

So among all thw things I had ordered a pack of 10 nail art strips which are in trend right now and it costs only 0.51USD which is near about 30-35 INR

Yes you read that right

Can you imagine getting 10 nail art strips and that too in such a cheap price??

**win win**

Okay so these are the colors I got,all are shiny except the white one

From left to right

Silver,golden,dark pink,white,blue,a very soft pink,red,green,a yello and a copper 

Among all the colors I have used only tje soft pink for today’s nail art which is a very simple and basic one(as I am also using the strips for the first time)

So here is the pictures of the nail art,and after showing the pictures I will write about my experience with the strips

As I planned for a french manicure with a simple twist,first I had used clear base coat,let it dry and then used the white strips and placed it horizontally on my nails to mark the boundary of the white tip 

Paint the tip of the nail till the white strip with white nail color

Then I let it dry and then removed the white strips by peeling it

After that I took the light pink color strip and placed it diagonally from the cuticle till the place where the white tip starts. Let it dry and cut the excess strips hanging from the nail and put top coat

And I am done with simple french manicure with a twist of nail art strips

Now the quality of the strips.Its good,but not excellent

The adhesive is good but you have to make sure to cut the strip properly in shape and to put a top coat and what more can you expect from a strip which costs Rs.3-3.5/roll šŸ˜€

I am fully satisfied with the product considering the price I have paid for this and will surely try some more designs with it too and will let you know how long did the strips stays on my nail. Till then take care

Much love ā¤

Xoxo :*


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