Superhero Nail Art

Hello girls

How are you doing? Enjoying the summer? It’s too hot here in Mumbai to handle 😉

It’s been a long time since I posted the last DIY tutorial. The month of March had been a very hectic one due to some work,didn’t get time for any nail art. I just had to put a clear coat or any normal nail color for whole one month which is so boring 😛

I was waiting to do this nail art from a long time,so now when I have done that let me show you the design closely to understand

Use red and blue colors alternatively to paint the nails

The eye of the spiderman was supposed to be white but due to my impatient nature it became pinkish,which is literally very funny. So girls don’t forget to wait until the previous coat dries completely before you do anything to that nail

And the symbol which resembles us- The Wonder Woman 😀

Yeah yeah in this zoomed photo,the stars are not looking that great I know 😛

But the end result is not as bad and moreover it’s free hand nail art with no involvement of any tool,so itna toh chalta hai 😀

The web of the spider 😛

And finally the end result 😀

Will update some new nail arts soon. Till then take care

Much love ❤



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